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Client meeting | Initial stage
Initial Stage

Following completion of the fact-find meeting with your client please submit your case request, together with your authority, allowing Athena access to the client fact-find. Once received we will liaise with you to discuss the initial assessment of the case and your overall requirements. At this stage, we will also ascertain whether any ancillary or supporting work is required, such as updating client review details, sending letters of authority and/or obtaining ceding scheme information.

Case administration and completion
Administration Phase

Once all the required data for the case is provided, or has been completed via the ancillary and supporting work offered, the case will begin to be assembled.  Any case-specific items, such as Illustrations, critical yield calculations, advice records, and advice sets will be undertaken and the Suitability Report written

Case handover
Final Step

Upon case completion, the case will then be forwarded to you for perusal. Once you are satisfied all the documents and the report meet your requirements, the case will then be ready for you to present to your client and you will be invoiced at this time; unless the case needs pre-approval before presentation, in which case the file will be submitted for approval prior to presenting to the client. 



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